Handheld Rechargeable Fogger


  • Safety low voltage, Low-temperature atomization design
  • No preheating, fast spraying, fine mist adjustable
  • Wireless design, not limited by distance
  • Anti-clogging design, detachable nozzle, longer service life
  • 800mL large capacity will last 20 minutes
  • 2600mAh powerful battery lasts for 3 hours on a single charge

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High Quality Nano-spray:  The ESC Brands Handheld Rechargeable Fogger uses PA high-temperature resistant material, Fast fogging, and large fog volume to make it a perfect cleaning solution for every home or office. Using porous heat dissipation, the device releases nano-spray, and the fuselage intelligently dissipates heat.

Rechargeable & Portable: The ESC Brands Handheld Rechargeable Fogger is equipped with a USB cable and can be charged by a 5V charger. Its 2600mAh large capacity lithium battery provides acontinuous working time of up to 3h. Cordless and lightweight, easy to carry and use. You can use it wherever you need it.

Large Capacity: The ESC Brands Handheld Rechargeable Fogger is equipped with an 800mL empty bottle, which can be filled with water and any other liquid and can be used for cleaning on various occasions.

Convenient Design: No preheating, fast spraying, low-temperature atomization design. Our ULV fogger is lighter and quieter than other large sprayers. Easy to use with a one-key start-stop button.

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Weight 2.135 kg
Dimensions 35.56 × 30.48 × 12.70 cm