Benefits Of Zetrisil®

Products With Zetrisil® Are Effective On Hands, Porous and Non-Porous Surfaces and Fabrics Long After Application

Impact Of Proprietary Technology On Kill Rates, Killing Times, Duration And Dwell Time

Zetrisil® is the result of over 15 years of research and development. and offers higher kill rates, quicker killing times, longer duration kill and lower dwell time requirements versus traditional chemical-kill based technologies.  Zetrisil® has the same toxicity rating as sugar and tap water.  Zetrisil® kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew, including, but not limited to, COVID19, SARS, MRSA, Staph, Ebola and C-Diff.

What Are The Kill Rates And Kill Times?

Although our kill rate claims on our EPA and FDA approved labels are capped at 99.99%, extensive independent testing at GLP and University Labs has proven much higher kill rates in as little as 15 seconds as highlighted in the following link:  Broad Spectrum Time-Kill Testing Results.  Click here to understand the significance of Log Kill Rates.  For a copy of the complete report, contact us.

What Is Duration?

Duration is a measure of how long the killing rate is sustained after application.  An important detail, often omitted by others when making duration claims, is the killing rate that is still sustained at the end of the duration period of time.  Our standard to which we claim duration for most pathogens is 99.99%.  Duration will vary depending on product and specific application.  Duration on hands and skin, using hand sanitizers and other products with  Zetrisil®,  is up to 4 hours and, duration on surfaces, using sanitizers/disinfectants with Zetrisil®, is up to 28 days.  Duration for alcohol based hand sanitizers, by contrast, is zero.  Alcohol based hand sanitizers have no effective kill against pathogens after it dries.  Furthermore, the effective kill rate for alcohol based sanitizers is valid only while your hands are wet, and your hands must be wet for up to 60 seconds.  When comparing Duration claims, it is extremely important to also compare the killing rate that is still present at the end of such period of duration.  To further emphasize the effectiveness of Zetrisil®, consider the following table which presents duration for a few difficult to kill antibiotic resistant strains of selected pathogens: Duration Test Result For Hand Sanitizer With Zetrisil and Aloe Vera.  For a copy of the complete report, contact us.

What Is Dwell Time?

Dwell time is the amount of time a product has to stay wet on the applied surface to maintain it’s kill claims.  For example, alcohol based sanitizers have a dwell time of approximately 60 seconds or one minute.  Various chemical based killing products have dwell times that can be 10 minutes or even longer.  Products with  Zetrisil® have no dwell time.  Zetrisil® begins to kill immediately after application in the wet stage and continues to kill after it dries for up to 4 hours on skin and up to 28 days on porous and nonporous surfaces.