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My-shield Hand Sanitizer Foam 1.7 fl. oz (4 Pack)RJM NanoTech, LLC (“RJM NanoTech”) is a major distributor for ESC Brands, Inc. (“ESC Brands”) and specializes in the distribution of long-duration Pathogenic Protection Products that incorporate new antiviral technologies involving nano-antimicrobial coatings using Zetrisil®  under the My-Shield® label. RJM NanoTech also distributes traditional short-duration pathogenic protection products incorporating alcohol, bleach and hydrogen peroxide, among others under the PharmaCare® label.

Our Zetrisil® based products are designed to address the world’s ongoing battles against exposure to more than 45 common and novel bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew, including the COVID19 virus, to guard against pandemics and disease transfer with a safer, quicker, more effective, longer-lasting kill than standard technologies are capable of providing.

Our product line includes personal care products, cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, pet care products, home and institutional products, and specialized coatings.

To help meet current demands, RJM NanoTech will also provide opportunistic access to Personal Protection Equipment (gowns, masks, gloves) on a selective basis. Contact us for commercial orders.


RJM NanoTech is working in partnership with other companies to provide a complete step-by-step health safety system that helps people avoid dangerous exposures when entering any business, restaurant, church, sports venue, entertainment center or other nexus for pedestrian traffic and gatherings. Hardware solutions include lab-tested anti-viral and anti-bacterial glass touchscreen technology available for Digital Signage, Kiosks, and Touchscreen Hardware for Point-Of Sale and Shopper Cart solutions and Sanitizing Tunnels with 24/7 germ protection. Application Software can be used to leverage geofencing technologies and push real-time location-triggered notifications for health, safety, and marketing campaigns.


Through affiliates, we provide an advanced electrostatic spray service using our Zetrisil® based cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants. Our service provides uniform coverage of a safer, quicker, more effective, longer-duration killing agent than standard technologies are capable of providing. We can spray in all types of environments. It is safe for sensitive surfaces, including equipment and electronics. It will not fade ink on paper. No special PPE is required during application. There is no cure or wait period for employees or residents to return to sprayed area. The sprayer emits positively charged particles that “wrap around” surfaces in your facility. Ultimately, it reaches impossible corners, crevices, backsides, and other hard-to-reach places often missed during a general cleaning.

RJM NanoTech plans to make a profound, positive impact on our world and will fight the spread of infections and diseases, all while preventing harmful chemicals from entering the environment.


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